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Blogs Citrix Microsoft Technology Partners July 11, 2024 Cloud Software Group and Microsoft Partnership

Read about Cloud Software Group and Microsoft eight-year strategic partnership and what benefit their customers should look forward to.

Blogs Citrix ControlUp Digital Workspace Enterprise Solutions Flexible and Remote Working Nutanix Technology Partners June 4, 2024 Overcoming Healthcare IT Challenges with Citrix Products

Read this follow-up blog about a deeper deep into the specific Citrix products that can help Healthcare organizations address their IT challenges.

Blogs Citrix Cloud Solutions Digital Workspace Enterprise Solutions Flexible and Remote Working Managed Services Technology Partners May 27, 2024 Shane O’Neill’s American Adventure

Last month I Embarked on an epic American adventure across the vast landscapes of the USA, I found myself swept up in a whirlwind of excitement. This adventure spanned 8 exhilarating days, involved 6 airborne escapades, 4 diverse states, and immersed me in 2 unique events. Each end of this adventure, as distinct as night and day, …

Blogs Citrix Digital Workspace Microsoft May 20, 2024 New Teams on the Horizon: Prepare Your Citrix Environment

Are you ready for the New Teams? Make sure your Citrix is too! With specific requirements for the Citrix Workspace App and VDA. Read more for details

Blogs Citrix ControlUp Digital Workspace Enterprise Solutions Flexible and Remote Working Managed Services Nutanix Technology Partners May 2, 2024 The Importance of Effective End-User Computing Solutions for HealthCare: A Look at Citrix   

Healthcare organisations are complex, technologically advanced institutions that rely heavily on IT. This blog will explore the importance of effective EUC solution and the IT challenges they faced

Blogs Citrix Enterprise Solutions NetScaler Technology Partners April 26, 2024 Attention! NetScaler 13.0 is going End of Life in July

NetScaler 13.0 is going End of Life in July. Read about why you should upgrade and what you should consider before upgrading.

Enterprise Solutions April 8, 2024 Citrix: A Beacon of Hope for the Digitally Challenged Construction Sector

Is Citrix the beacon of hope to help revolutionize the way the construction sector operates, paving the way for a more efficient and digitally advanced industry. Read more

Enterprise Solutions March 27, 2024 Latest Citrix Updates – March 2024

In 2023 and the first part of 2024 Citrix introduced new features to products such as Autoscale, vertical load balancing, and ITSM adaptor to their Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops subscriptions to help customers to optimise their Citrix investment. With an ongoing narrative from IT Departments being all about savings and optimizing their existing investment, …

Blogs Citrix Technology Partners February 21, 2024 Unlocking the Hidden Power of Citrix Session Recording

Citrix Session Recording feature is unused and underappreciated. Read how Citrix Session Recording can add an additional layer of governance for privileged users, and for security incident response.

Enterprise Solutions Blogs Citrix Technology Partners August 21, 2023 Unravelling the Superiority of NetScaler over F5 Load Balancers.

NetScaler Versus F5 Load Balancers – Here is what you need to consider when deciding between NetScaler and F5. What suits your organisations.

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