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Public Cloud Benefits You Want. Private Cloud Control You Need.

Get a powerful multi-cloud infrastructure

Enterprise Solutions and Nutanix work closely together to deliver customers with a simple, flexible, and cost-efficient cloud platform, one that offers freedom of choice and enables true hybrid and multicloud computing.

Enterprise Solutions can leverage Nutanixs industry leading, 100% software-defined hyperconverged infrastructure to provide a single cloud platform that seamlessly brings hybrid and multicloud strategy to your organisation. Whether on-prem or in the cloud, you get unified management and operations with one-click simplicity, intelligent automation, and always-on availability.

Multi-cloud infrastructure for a Hybrid future

Enterprise Solutions and Nutanix partnership can deliver your organisation the best of both worlds: the simplicity and the agility of public cloud, combined with the performance, security, and control of private cloud.

Why Choose Nutanix

Cloud suite

Freedom of Choice

Choose Nutanix software as part of a turnkey appliance solution or run on your own installed platforms.


Any Cloud

Nutanix melds public and private cloud operations to enable powerful hybrid clouds. IT teams can seamlessly manage applications across clouds, including AWS, Citrix Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

Hardware Devices

Any Hardware Platform

Nutanix software runs on a wide variety of hardware platforms. Infrastructure teams can choose their preferred server and deliver an exceptional Nutanix experience.

Cutting Edge Solutions


Software defined networking with micro-segmentation, scale-out file storage, block storage and S3-compliant object storage.


Desktop-as-a-Service, DR-as-a-Service, Public Cloud cost coverage and security compliance, discovery and insight of multi-cloud microservices and applications.


Native Kubernetes stack management and orchestration (at no additional licence cost), as well as Database-as-a-Service, as well as a scalable, secure, edge intelligence solution for real-time IoT analysis.

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Interested in a hyperconverged cloud infrastructure?

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Take a look at some of the Nutanix products and solutions we offer as Partners across all areas in the videos below

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