One Simple Console to Manage all Your Virtual Desktops in Real Time

ControlUp Real Time Console

Real-time actionable dashboard to pinpoint and proactively fix problems in your environment.

See your entire infrastructure in a simple, logical, and elegant spreadsheet-like view. Each cell is updated every 3 seconds and the view is easily searchable and sortable by columns, allowing you to quickly spot stressed resources, drill-down and investigate them in depth with a click of a button.

ControlUp Insights

Get reports at your fingertips to check the health of your virtual and physical environment.

Through a tiled view, ControlUp Virtual Expertâ„¢ summarizes key metrics of the state of your monitored resources every 24 hours, highlighting key activity indicators, risk factors and performance stats.

ControlUp for Virtual Servers

Comprehensive real-time view of your virtualized server environment enabling troubleshooting and remediation.

Why Enterprise Solutions + ControlUp?

We excel in delivering end user computing solutions that provide an exceptional end user experience, no matter how you choose to deliver their digital workspace. With ControlUp added to your technology stack, you can get more from your IT environment.

Are performance and user experience challenges getting in the way of employee productivity?

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