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ControlUp Partnership


Offers our clients the ability to observe, analyze & optimize the digital employee experience, end to end, from VDI and applications to physical endpoints.


As a ControlUp partner, we excel in delivering end user computing solutions that provide an exceptional end user experience, no matter how you choose to deliver your digital workspace. With ControlUp added to your technology stack, you can get more from your IT environment.

With real time monitoring, troubleshooting and analytics tools, you can optimise your entire digital experience so that your users get the best experience possible.


As ControlUp Partners, our team are experts on the entire ControlUp portfolio of products. Take a look at what we can do below:

Real-time Monitoring

Simple, yet powerful real-time view into complex IT infrastructure

Real-Time Troubleshooting

Identify issues, troubleshoot, and manage your entire IT infrastructure.

Analytics with Insights

Powerful analytics, detailed reporting and actionable findings—right out of the box—with no hardware or operational investment.

Proactive Monitoring

Test and report the availability of your EUC virtual apps, VDI desktops & your web- and network-based resources all from a single place.


ControlUp’s SOLVE user interface allows you to see the overall health status of your entire EUC environment, end to end, in real time.

Employee Experience Optimisation

Announcing soon, ControlUp are bringing a new feature to their portfolio around employee experience optimisation

Seeing is believing. Let us show you

Improve IT service delivery and boost organizational productivity.

ControlUp + Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

With ControlUp, Citrix administrators can quickly spot performance issues across multiple layers—from hypervisors and datastores to Citrix ADC appliances, delivery brokers, VMs and VDAs—all the way to specific user sessions and processes.

ControlUp provides early detection of issues that could impact user experience and allows you to quickly find the root cause of these issues.

ControlUp presents aggregated, logical views of complex environments and provides powerful troubleshooting tools for precise and rapid interventions when action is needed.

ControlUp monitors and troubleshoots all Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops versions, enabling a streamlined management experience regardless of the server farm or edition.

ControlUp Insights seamlessly saves performance and usage data for Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops, offering an extensive set of reports spanning areas such as user activity, Citrix user experience, application activity, resource consumption (host, server and even process level), system health and licensing.

Video Library

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Take a look at some of the ControlUp products and solutions we offer as a ControlUp partner in the videos below: