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Enterprise Solutions can deliver a complete protection for Microsoft 365, Google Workspace and all your collaboration and file-sharing apps with Check Points, Harmony Email & Collaboration Suite.

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Over 90% of attacks against organisations start from a malicious email and 75% of ransomware attacks are email-borne. Since email attacks usually involve the human factor, your Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace environments are your organisation’s weakest link.


Check Points, Harmony Email and Collaboration (HEC) provides organisations with a full protective suite to work alongside your email and collaboration tools. HEC is constantly adapting and evolving to the ever-changing threat landscape, while providing security admins with an easy-to-deploy and user friendly platform.

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Benefits to your organisation

Harmony Email and collaboration suite gives your organisation benefits that delivers:

Hardware Devices

Complete protection

Complete protection for cloud email and collaboration apps that protects sensitive business data and secures business communications.

Right Tech

Easy API Installation

Easy installation API - Based solution that catches what everyone else misses. including ransomware, account takeover, BEC and supply chain attacks.


Superior Catch Rate

99.2% reduction in phishing attacks reaching the inbox. It blocks 30% more than cloud native security.


Check Point Named Leader in Email Security

Check Point was named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™ : Enterprise Email Security, Q2 2023 Report.

Main Capabilities of Harmony

Harmony Email & Collaboration (HEC) reinvented email security because traditional gateways couldn’t - and haven’t
- adjusted to the cloud.

Blocks the most sophisticated phishing attacks such as impersonation and Business Email Compromise (BEC) before they reach the inbox
Malware Protection
Prevents evasive malware and ransomware and provides sanitized files within seconds
Prevent Data Loss
Prevent Data Loss
Set custom policies to keep data safe and maintain compliance
Prevent Account Takeover
Prevent Account Takeover
Blocks suspicious logins using an event analysis algorithm that identifies signs of malicious behavior keep data safe and maintain compliance

The HEC Difference

Find out first-hand the features and capabilities that differentiate Harmony Email and Collaboration, and how this API-based solution gives your organisation the complete security suite.

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