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Common issues our experts encounter in Citrix Environments’

by Niamh O'Donovan
July 19, 2022
common issues encountered in Citrix Environments

Our EUC Consultants are constantly asked about the same Citrix issues encountered across a range of organisations and sectors.

All too often our Citrix engineers encounter a Citrix Environment where IT, or their end-users, living with unnecessarily bad experiences; and usually they are the same common issues. Or the environment is not configured according to best practise to deliver security and ROI goals. So, we asked our Team to list some of these Citrix common issues and this is what they had to say:


  • Lack of MFA for external connections,
  • Failure to secure avenues of data exfiltration such as clipboard, printers, drive mapping,
  • Using default configurations on Citrix ADC that give a low SSL Labs security rating and increase attack surface,
  • Failure to harden the desktop by restricting CMD, PowerShell and registry,

Performance & Availability:

  • HA and failover not configured or working incorrectly, creating a single point of failure in the infrastructure,
  • Profile bloat resulting in poor logon performance,
  • GPO bloat resulting in poor logon performance,
  • Microsoft’s FSLogix not in use to improve performance when running MS365 applications,
  • Not running the latest versions (e.g. LTSR, WorkSpaceApp) to benefit from releases,


  • Failure to effectively implement AutoScale to ensure maximum cost savings when running workloads on public cloud (e.g. Azure, AWS),
  • Failure to optimize the workloads with services and scheduled tasks that are not required running,
  • Not using WEM to improve profile management and control,

Citrix environments can be complex; it can be perceived as the route of all evil, while it should be answering many of your organisations business goals. Sometimes getting it right requires an expert eye and planned approach. Our Citrix Health Assessment does this for you, it can give you an overview of your current Citrix environment, with recommendations from our experts on ways to improve your environments performance. As Citrix Partners we want your environment to be delivering you the flexibility, security, and rich high performance UX we know it should.

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