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Webinar: Working securely or working remotely?

by Grace Cosgrove
June 22, 2020

Companies have to re-think organizational policies in the first few months of 2020 to enable a global workforce to work from home. Security policies that forbid activities including taking corporate systems out of the protections of the corporate office, working with highly-sensitive information at home, extending the enterprise network to personal devices, and using unapproved software have all been stretched. It’s time to restore balance – and to begin both working remotely and working securely.

In this webinar, Kurt Roemer, Citrix Chief Security Strategist, will explore:

  • Balancing employee experience and agility with appropriate work from home usage of highly-regulated data and sensitive intellectual property.
  • Options for enhancing confidentiality, integrity, availability and safety across situations, endpoints, networks, apps – and browsers.
  • Designing for compliance, resiliency, assurance and visibility – while being continuously audit-ready.
  • Incorporating workspace policies to enable the workforce to be continuously situationally aware and contextually risk-appropriate.
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