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Microsoft ends its security updates for Windows 7

by Conor Lavelle
January 10, 2023
MS ends Windows 7 Security Updates

Windows 7 users are encouraged to update to more modern OS

Microsoft has announced it will no longer provide extended security updates for Professional and Enterprise editions of Windows 7 beginning Today, Tuesday 10th January 2023.

The move will see users of Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise go without vital security protections, they are encouraging users to upgrade their devices to a more recent operating system, the company confirmed in a recent update.

In addition, Microsoft have also confirmed that support for Windows 8.1 will end on the same day.  

With this, the software company suggests to those who will be affected to upgrade either their system or devices. Microsoft’s support page says current Windows 7 device owners can upgrade to Windows 10 by purchasing and installing its full version.

It also highlights, that while Windows 10 is a quick solution, Windows 11 is a more ideal option since Windows 10 will reach its end of support in October 2025.

At present, the OS runs on around 11% of all Windows systems globally. Reports from January 2021 suggested that Windows 7 was still used on nearly 100 million devices, highlighting its popularity despite the series of more modern options available to users.

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