Enterprise Solutions June 4, 2019 Road to Leadership: Part 5

Leading and Driving Growth Part 3 – Communication is the key to great Leadership. The minute I woke up this morning, I was excited for the day ahead. My first introduction to the Entrepreneur’s Academy was on 17th August 2018, when Derek & I attended an event in the Dublin Chamber of Commerce – a …

Enterprise Solutions May 17, 2019 Road to Leadership: Part 4

Leading and Driving Growth – Sales Process Before I give you the latest update on my journey let me remind you once again, just how much I am loving it! I’m absolutely blown away by the professionalism, enthusiasm and the dedication of the team working with us each session The Entrepreneurs Academy are amazing and …

Citrix Enterprise Solutions Microsoft April 30, 2019 Change Is Constant, But Customer-Centricity Remains Key

There’s no time like the Spring to ring in the changes. And that’s exactly what we’re doing here at Enterprise Solutions – starting with an overhaul of our website and blog.

Enterprise Solutions August 1, 2019 Context & Content: Meeting The Need For Access & Security

One of the biggest challenges facing modern businesses is giving employees access to information on-demand whilst protecting their corporate assets – data. There’s no denying the shift towards mobile working. We work from home more. We work when we travel. We work on different devices. As a result, round-the-clock access is needed to ensure optimum …

Uncategorized July 10, 2019 The Final Stop on the Road to Leadership: Part 6

  It was the final day of the AIB Growth Academy, and the sense of nervous butterflies was difficult to ignore. Our brief for today was to prepare a 6-minute presentation answering 3 questions; What challenges have you overcome since starting AIB Women in Enterprise Growth Academy Project yourself forward – It’s now 2020 – …

Digital Workspace Enterprise Solutions July 1, 2019 Meeting Modern Workplace Challenges

Technology makes remote working and increased mobility possible. But from a company IT perspective, security needs to be watertight in this working environment.

business Enterprise Solutions Microsoft technologies May 13, 2019 Outdated Software: The Greater Evil

There’s only one thing worse than the hassle of upgrading your software: not upgrading it! Windows 7 support ends soon. Are you ready?

Enterprise Solutions April 18, 2019 Road to Leadership: Part 3

Enterprise Solutions Director, Denise Cullen continues her road to leadership with AIB’s Women in Enterprise ‘Growth Academy’.

Enterprise Solutions March 29, 2019 Road to Leadership: Part 2

Enterprise Solutions Director, Denise Cullen continues her road to leadership with AIB’s Women in Enterprise ‘Growth Academy’. As I woke up in the morning to the most amazing sunrise, I acknowledged to myself the mix of emotions that ran through me. There was a sense of excitement to see my fellow leaders as well as …

Cloud March 22, 2019 A Cloud Roadmap for your business

Most companies that hope to be in business for the next 10 years have at least considered moving to the cloud. In fact, more than half of them will make their files and emails cloud-based by the end of this year[1]. They’ve seen how the cloud is helping small, agile companies disrupt markets and grow …

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