Flexible and Remote Working Videos Webinar June 22, 2020 Webinar: Working securely or working remotely?

Companies have to re-think organizational policies in the first few months of 2020 to enable a global workforce to work from home. Security policies that forbid activities including taking corporate systems out of the protections of the corporate office, working with highly-sensitive information at home, extending the enterprise network to personal devices, and using unapproved …

Blogs Flexible and Remote Working June 17, 2020 Working From Home: The Business Benefits

In our last two blogs, we have focused on the benefits of remote working for employees. Some of these were applicable to businesses, with increased productivity being at the forefront of the perks. But the benefits don’t stop there. A distributed or flexible workstyle is just as beneficial for your business, not just for employees.   Benefit 1: Lowered Business Expense   Remote-enabled companies can save …

Citrix Digital Workspace Microsoft Videos June 12, 2020 Watch: Citrix extends the value of Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop

Citrix Virtual Apps & Desktops with Windows Virtual Desktop delivers the best virtual desktop experience, enabling Windows 10 multi-session user scenarios and faster migration to the cloud or hybrid-cloud. Enterprise Solutions are Citrix Platinum Partners and leaders in desktop virtualization alongside being a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are the best fit to bring the benefits …

Digital Workspace Videos June 9, 2020 Watch: What is a Digital Workspace?

Defining the digital workspace and the top benefits. Hint: it has everything to do with employee engagement and business agility. Learn more at

Citrix Digital Workspace Flexible and Remote Working Mobility Resources June 9, 2020 Deliver a secure digital workspace with next-gen remote access solutions

Take a look at this eBook discussing modern security for the digital workspace. As a Citrix Platinum Partner, Enterprise Solutions can enable your business to work from anywhere, on any device without compromising security. In fact, our solutions enhance your business’ security protocols ensuring your data is completely secure, no matter where or what device …

Digital Workspace Microsoft Resources June 9, 2020 Windows Virtual Desktop Infographic

The best virtual Windows and Office experience, delivered on Azure. Download the infographic to learn more about how WVD can deliver the best Windows and Office experience on Azure.

Case Studies Citrix Digital Workspace Resources June 8, 2020 Element Six Case Study

“We need to deliver stable, high-speed, high-availability access to any device, anywhere in the world, as if the servers are in the room next door. We looked at other solutions, but Citrix was the only one that could do that.” – Frank Cosgrove, Service Delivery Manager, Element Six. Download the Element Six Case Study to …

Blogs Digital Workspace Enterprise Solutions Flexible and Remote Working June 8, 2020 Working From Home Myths: Debunked

Pre-COVID, many businesses did not want to adopt a flexible workstyle for their workforce. Working from home, a relatively modern concept was seen by many as being inefficient. Many worried that staff were less productive at home, a lack of visibility and monitoring cause anxiety over how employees were spending their time, and it was seen …

Case Studies Citrix Digital Workspace Flexible and Remote Working Resources June 5, 2020 William Fry Case Study

One of Ireland’s leading law firms, William Fry, upgrades to Citrix Workspace for consistent high performance, anywhere. Take a look at the case study to see how Enterprise Solutions enabled William Fry to empower employees to work securely from anywhere.

Digital Workspace Microsoft Resources June 5, 2020 Empower your employees with Windows Virtual Desktop eBook

Employees require constant connectivity, better flexibility, and specialized tools for their roles in order to stay productive. Windows Virtual Desktop is the remote desktop solution that will empower your employees to stay productive, no matter where they are working from. Are your tools up to the challenge? Download the eBook to find out more.

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