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Are you looking to move to Citrix DaaS?

November 16, 2022
Are you looking to move to Citrix DaaS

Whether you are staying on premises or moving to the public cloud, the right technology can help unlock and accelerate your move to a virtual workspace.

Move quicker

By using an IGEL powered endpoint, it can support both older and newer versions of your workspace app. IGEL centrally managed endpoints can seamlessly be updated with new Citrix clients and configurations. This will accelerate any Citrix migration and provides a seamless experience for your employees in addition to reducing deployment times for IT team.

Support for latest technologies

With zero-day support for the Citrix workspace app, IGEL can OS support the latest versions of the workspace app, allowing new features and functionality to be instantly consumed. The latest version of Citrix DaaS offers unrivaled support for MS Teams and unified communications allowing your employees to collaborate from anywhere. With IGEL OS, regardless of the endpoint, IGEL provides support for the off-loading of MS TEAMS and ZOOM ensuring your old devices can support the very latest from Citrix.

Save Budget

Migrating to Citrix DaaS doesn’t mean acquiring new hardware. With IGEL OS you can repurpose existing thin clients and devices which may not be supported and save millions on purchasing new endpoint hardware. This helps reduce capital expenditure but also is good for the planet.

Future proof

Using Enterprise solutions expertise with IGEL OS and Citrix DaaS means that your workspace is no longer limited by your hardware. You can rest easy by knowing your digital workspaces are continuously updating, with no reliance on the hardware being used, the IGEL and Citrix technology will ensure your employees can continue to securely access their workspace, no matter what device, what location from any cloud.

As IGEL Velocity Experts and Citrix Platinum partners, Enterprise Solutions know why IGEL and Citrix work so well together. Talk to our experts about how your organisation and can get the most out of this “Perfect Partnership”.

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