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Virtual Infrastructure is the natural way to deliver IT and applications. At Enterprise Solutions, we realise that consistent user experience and reliability are key elements in the success of any business using virtualisation for mission-critical workloads – which is why we focus our expertise in this area!

Virtualisation is a key part of what we do. While server virtualisation is still at the core of every environment, organisations are now leveraging application and desktop virtualisation to make their environments more flexible and agile.

As a result, users are beginning to reap a range of benefits from virtualisation which go beyond the cost savings of server consolidation. Working with the leading vendors in this field such as Microsoft Hyper-V, VMWare and Citrix, our skilled consultants will work with you to design, develop and manage a solution that meets your business objectives and end user requirements.

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Our Expertise

Working with the most advanced virtualisation solutions on the market to ensure optimum performance and return in investment for our clients, we utilise our long-standing partnerships with industry leaders such as Citrix, Microsoft and VMWare so that we can provide stand alone, or combined virtualisation solutions, on a truly bespoke basis.

Each implemented solution provides your business with secure, on-demand access to applications ensuring that your organisation maintains a flexible, economical and reliable IT infrastructure.

Application Virtualisation

Enterprise Solutions’ application virtualisation solutions increase efficiency and reduce costs by centralising application management, version upgrades, patch updates and application distribution to end-users.

Managing applications centrally and running them as virtual applications helps to simplify deployment and upgrades. Application conflicts are a thing of the past as virtualised applications run in their own virtual layer, allowing your users to run multiple versions of the same application on the same desktop. If required, an application can be rolled out to a user or removed from a user’s workstation in a matter of seconds without impacting the users current tasks or any other installed applications.

Virtualising your applications greatly improves the time it takes to roll out updates and new versions. The risks and impact associated with application changes are greatly reduced as regression can be instantaneous.

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Desktop Virtualisation

Desktop virtualisation leverages the benefits of centralised computing while allowing users to retain their own virtual workspace instance. Each desktop resource runs as a virtual machine on a server which, unbeknown to the user, is shared with many others, reducing costs substantially.

Centralising the management and delivery of virtual desktops that are tailored to the needs of the users can be delivered seamlessly to a desktop PC, laptop, Thin Client, or mobile device regardless of what applications or operating system is required. Hosted Workspaces empower businesses with anytime, anywhere, any device access to business applications, data, communications and IT services. Virtualised Desktops can also be a complete, business-ready Desktops-as-a-Service (DaaS) solution, delivered as a cloud service with predictable, pay-as-you-go monthly billing that provides your business with a better approach to IT. One that is simple, flexible and affordable.

Enterprise Solutions can help you centralise your desktop delivery services, standardise remote access and security, reduce management complexity and enable employees to have a virtual workspace that is available to them 24/7, on any device and virtually any network connection.

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Server Virtualisation

Server virtualisation can now be viewed as an assumed part of an overall IT infrastructure that that now also includes Application and Desktop Virtualisation, Storage Virtualisation and Network Virtualisation.

Enterprise Solutions can support organisations that are now looking to make the next leap into the world of fully software defined data centres leveraging the power of the cloud and various as-a-service type services.

Whether you have just begun the journey into virtualisation or you are looking at accelerating into a fully software defined architecture, we have the experience and solutions to help.

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Our Virtualisation Process

Strategic Partnerships

We have successfully helped many organisations reap the immense benefits that Virtualisation can deliver, and we continue to be valued partners with leading vendors in the virtualisation industry. This enables us to provide clients with continuously updated, secure virtualisation environments that incorporate the most favourable compliant virtualisation stacks for their business. To achieve our high quality standards, we partner with industry leaders to deliver results for your business.


Citrix for Workspace Suite, XenMobile UEM, server and desktop virtualisation


Vmware for V-Centre, server virtualisation


Microsoft for HyperV server virtualisation, App-V for application virtualisation


Azure for cloud or hybrid virtualised environments

FS Logix

FS Logix for improved user experience & administration of virtualised environments; especially beneficial in Office 365 deployments.


Nutanix for converged infrastructure technology hosting virtual infrastructures

eG Innovations

eG Innovations for virtualisation performance monitoring

SMS Passcode

SMS Passcode for multi-factor authentication; for secure, remote access using contextual login behaviour

Virtualisation Stack

Utilising our long standing partnerships with Citrix, VMWare and Microsoft, Enterprise Solutions provide bespoke solutions to clients, helping them achieve:

– Reduced complexity
– Improved performance
– Lower TCO

As the number of user devices increase, and the mobility of the workforce extends, businesses are now faced with the challenge of providing secure access to the tools their employees need to function correctly, irrespective of device or location.

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Citrix Partner Accreditations

What Our

“To achieve our goal, Aer Lingus recognised that we needed to update our IT infrastructure, which began with an upgrade of our outdated desktop environments.”

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“Business will continue to happen and deadlines will always have to be met, regardless of technology going down or not being able to get to an office.”

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