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FSLogix develops innovative software solutions that change the way profiles, applications and data are delivered and managed in Virtual Desktops.

FSLogix solutions enable the enterprise virtual workspace, reducing the amount of hardware, time and labour required to support cloud and virtual desktops. They provide a single, unified approach to image management, profile access, and application provisioning across all your Windows based infrastructure.

FSLogix develops innovative software solutions that change the way profiles, applications and data are delivered and managed in Virtual Desktops. The vendor’s flagship products address user and IT “pain points” that the big vendors couldn’t resolve for years. Office 365 and Profile Containers significantly reduce user logon times, Outlook profile and PST file corruption, while eliminating server and network bottlenecks. App Containers and Masking, on the other hand, simplify application and OS delivery and maintenance process, dramatically reducing the number of gold images in your environment.

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Enterprise Solutions and FSLogix

Enterprise Solutions are a certified FSLogix partner; with our services we can solve the following issues:

  • Install multiple versions of apps such as Microsoft Office on the same image to support legacy apps
  • Licence Visio/Project Adobe correctly in a Virtual Desktop Environment
  • Allow Exchange Online/Office 365 to be used on virtual desktops without impacting performance
  • Run multiple versions of Java, selected on IRL and application name
  • Manage Office and browser plug-ins, simply, effectively and with very little management
  • Reduce the number of XenApp/XenDesktop/View gold images down to a minimum

Profile Container

Administrators looking to eliminate issues created by folder redirection, the FSLogix Profile Container is a roaming profile build for Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (XenDesktop and XenApp) database roaming.

  • Real Time access to User Profiles with no Roaming Profiles or Folder Redirection
  • Encapsulates the entire user profile (including registry) in an in-guest container
  • Eliminate file server bottlenecks and ‘just in time’ file copy across the network.

Application Masking

Next generation provisioning approach that allows a common base image and “masked” from view of unauthorised users.

When used in conjunction with Citrix App Layering, substantially increases the functionality of layers in the areas of elasticity, and availability, and allows administrators the deepest level of granularity in their implementations while improving system.

  • License compliance for all users and all apps on any Windows infrastructure.
  • Simplify application version control and rollback for application updates
  • Massively reduce the number of Windows gold images in your environment

Java Redirection

FSLogix Java Control simply and easily allows administrators to control which version of Java a particular application or URL will use.

  • Run with the specific version of Java you require for full app compatibility
  • Collocate multiple versions of Java on the same Windows image
  • Configure a white list to ensure all legacy versions of Java are hidden


Work from anywhere – with full security

Citrix products enable you to free your business from costly estate management, by allowing your people to work from anywhere – using a full range of mobile devices – whilst maintaining complete security and management control of apps, data and devices

Real-time communication and collaboration

Your people can work together and communicate in real-time, using the cloud to enable file sharing and project management no matter where they are

Total data security

Your confidential business information can be secured and managed from single data-centre, while enabling employee productivity with the right level of secure access across devices, locations and networks.

Virtualise Windows desktops and apps

Transform Windows desktop delivery into an on-demand mobile service with a highly optimised user experience from any device.

Optimise your network

Create a network service delivery into an on-demand mobile service with a highly optimised user experience from any device

Leverage the cloud

Extend your data-centre to leverage any cloud, and ensure the most optimal performance, scale and cost economics to run your business.



Citrix workspace

Our App and Desktop virtualisation solution with Citrix Workspaces increases workforce productivity and delivers more business value for less that you’re spending today – all while reducing security risk and delivering a high-quality user experience to your employees.

Citrix Service

With Citrix Cloud Services, we simplify the delivery and management of Citrix technologies, helping you to extend existing on-premises software deployments, move to the cloud or creating a combination of both to suit your business needs.

Citrix Virtual Desktops

Enterprise Solutions build and manage secure Citrix Virtual Workspaces on the Microsoft Azure platform, as a comprehensive solution to manage mobile devices, apps and data. XenDesktop delivers applications and desktops to any device while strengthening data security, increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Citrix Endpoint Managementpace

XenMobile enhances mobile security by ensuring that all devices – corporate owned or BYOD - are compliant before they access the enterprise network. With XenMobile, your IT department gain a centralised tool for managing and controlling BYO devices used to access corporate resources, including all the desktops and apps delivered via XenApp and XenDesktop.

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“To achieve our goal, Aer Lingus recognised that we needed to update our IT infrastructure, which began with an upgrade of our outdated desktop environments.”

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“Enterprise Solutions proposed an offering that complemented our cloud transformation objectives and will provide business benefits to the company into the future.

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