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Blogs Citrix Cloud Solutions Digital Workspace Enterprise Solutions Flexible and Remote Working Managed Services July 16, 2021 The Irish Technology Landscape in 2021 – The Future Is Cloud

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of the need for digital transformation and cloud services to effectively execute the hybrid model.

Blogs Citrix Cloud Solutions Enterprise Solutions April 12, 2021 Citrix Cloud or On-Premises?

Your business relies upon technology and Citrix is a great place to start. Citrix Cloud and Citrix on-premise are similar and their pro’s & con’s depend on your business environment, requirement, and situation.

Enterprise Solutions August 31, 2020 The Citrix Cloud Success Program Partnership

The movement to cloud from an on-premise environment is an exciting journey for all companies, the promises of an ‘evergreen’ backend that doesn’t have the requirement for updates or patches are music to an IT Manger’s ears – but what’s stopping it from happening? Introducing the Cloud Success Programme from Citrix, a complimentary service that …

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