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William Fry Citrix VDI Case Study

William Fry is Ireland’s corporate law firm of choice. Its clients include many of the leading global and domestic companies operating in Ireland, Irish government bodies, financial institutions and entrepreneurs. William Fry offers unrivalled corporate and commercial expertise and experience across the full breadth of the business sector.

The Requirement

As an innovative firm, William Fry wanted to augment the ability of its solicitors to work anytime, anywhere and on any device to ensure maximum productivity, flexibility and ease of use for its more than 360 users. This wanted a solution to allow their employees the efficiency to respond to client requests in a timely manner form anywhere and at any time.

The Challenge

Whether working at home, on the road, or in various client offices and even when they change locations and devices – the firm wanted its users to always have access to the same consistent user environment. William Fry also wanted to be able to deliver the tools its users needed, when and how they needed them and provide them with real-time support even when the nearest IT professional may be hundreds of miles away.

The Solution

Using Citrix XenDesktop, Enterprise Solutions virtualised all of William Fry’s desktops and applications, creating a personal desktop environment for its employees no matter where or how they were working. XenDesktop has given William Fry great flexibility in how it delivers the desktop out to their employees. “We can rollout a Windows 7 desktop to an employee at the drop of a hat!” said William Fry IT Manager, Michael Devitt. “We provision one golden image of Windows 7 and deploy that out to as many desktops as required in approximately two minutes. That was one of our main reasons for moving to XenDesktop.” Major application implementations and upgrades are managed centrally and can be provisioned to users in two minutes, giving users the latest tools without the disruptions of traditional update processes. XenDesktop allows all of the firm’s solicitors to operate seamlessly and efficiently without any disruption to their routine no matter how or where they are working. It allows the firm to deliver corporate desktops to new employees and upgrade current employees in a matter of minutes. The ability to view emails, the document management system and billing applications as they appear on an office desktop, allows users to respond instantly to client requests without having to wait to get in front of a PC at their office desk. Using Citrix, employees are presented with their own personal desktop on-demand be it on their laptop, iPhone or home PC.

The Outcome

Using XenDesktop, William Fry is enabling its upwardly mobile workforce to operate in a consistent and efficient way no matter where or how they are accessing their data. Being available to clients at all times and ensuring a high level of service is at the very heart of how the firm delivers its business. Desktop virtualisation has enabled them to personalise desktops which can be provided anywhere, anytime and on any device, providing a better experience for its employees. XenDesktop is also helping to improve work life balance for the solicitors at William Fry.

How does the customer feel?

“I can go home, have dinner with my children, put them to bed and log back on if I need to and continue exactly where I left off”
“On one occasion, the broadband went down in the house so I simply transferred over to my iPad. Through the Citrix app on my iPad I was able to resume working as before. Business will continue to happen and deadlines will always have to be met, regardless of technology going down or not being able to get to an office. You need a way to continue to work as normal. That is what we have gained with Citrix provided by Enterprise Solutions”

Garrett Breen a Partner with William Fry