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Spotlight Interview: Productivity and security can work hand in hand

“We encourage investment in technologies that have security built in from the start”

The words of Shane Garry, Technical Director, Enterprise Solutions in a recent Spotlight interview in TechPro magazine. Read the full article below:

If a new business was starting up today, it is very unlikely they would run their IT the way most companies developed theirs over time. This explains why many organisations routinely had critical servers running from a backroom in their offices, and why they still have laptops with sensitive data stored locally.

Failure to act on Security requirements will result in competitive disadvantage
Compliance and regulations are making security no longer optional but expected and mandatory. At Enterprise Solutions, we are fielding significant numbers of inquiries from clients who find their own customers are asking them about their information security practices and procedures. Now that security is spreading up and down supply chains, it is clear that failure to act on these procedures will put companies at a competitive disadvantage.

Every meeting we have had in the past three months has included some discussion of EU GDPR. Some organisations are only being allowed to bid for work if they have proven security controls and processes for safeguarding critical data.

For these reasons, we encourage our customers to invest in technologies that have security built in from the start, rather than choosing technologies that may deliver a good user experience, for example, but create gaps which need to be plugged after the fact.

Productivity and Security are inherent in the Citrix technology stack
Enterprise Solutions has been a Citrix partner for 20 years: we have seen the product set evolve but the central tenet has remained the same. Productivity and security are inherent in the Citrix technology stack and always have been, allowing companies to benefit from both, rather than assuming one comes at the expense of the other.

The Citrix portfolio can help customers address many of their concerns around data security and protecting valuable information, at a time when these are increasingly important risk items for many customers.

By working with the Citrix technology stack, we enable our customers to work from anywhere in a secure manner. It allows for more flexible working because staff can access applications from any device no matter where they happen to be working, and it improves security because all data remains in the data centre or server room, minimising the risk of lost or stolen devices and the potential for sensitive information to be leaked.

What’s more, there is almost no learning curve for staff, so users and executives alike appreciate the model and how it aligns with their current work practices.

Citrix Platinum Partner!
Earlier this year, Enterprise Solutions reached the highest level of Citrix accreditation that can be attained, Platinum Solution Advisor. Achieving this accreditation has been a longstanding goal for our company, and it reflects our investment in skills and focus on the Citrix portfolio, and our revenue growth.

We have won new customers and extended the work we do with existing customers, which range from many well-known small and medium businesses, through to large enterprises such as Aer Lingus, William Fry, Leo Lynch Engineering and John Paul Construction.

With an inherently secure IT strategy and work style, our customers have benefited from productivity without having to compromise on ensuring their critical information is protected, or having to invest more time and resources to bolt on security afterwards.

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