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Why do I need a MDM Strategy?

If your employees use smart phones, tablets, laptops or other mobile devices to conduct business or access company data, regardless of whether the device is company or employee owned; you need a mobile device management (MDM) strategy.

Let’s start with the basics…What is Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

MDM is a core element of enterprise mobility management (EMM), which incorporates:

  • mobile device management (MDM)
  • mobile application management (MAM)
  • mobile security
  • and mobile content management (MCM)

The purpose of MDM is to enhance the functionality and security of mobile devices within the enterprise whilst protecting the corporate network and data.

A MDM strategy details all the devices and applications, software, policies, procedures and resources your business is willing to commit to manage and protect your company data.

What is driving this rise in demand for MDM?
  • The continued growth of BYOD programmes
  • Mobile apps
  • The expectations of the mobile workforce – the need to be ‘connected’
  • Growing cybersecurity threats
  • Regulatory and compliance (GDPR) requirements

Citrix XenMobile securely delivers business apps to any device, enhancing the user experience on BYOD or corporate devices, without compromising security.

Citrix XenMobile also enables the configuring and management of applications and mobile devices that can be shared by multiple users and this is enabling transformation across industries.

With XenMobile, organisations can ensure that they have combined policies, procedures and technologies to protect their corporate data regardless of where the it is accessed or exists.

Through mobile app and device management, XenMobile secures corporate data and ensures productivity, enabling device freedom for the end user without the added stress on IT.

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If time, resources and budgets are limited, email today about your Mobile Device Management strategy and ensure the long-term security and protection of your corporate data.

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