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HLB Sheehan Quinn Case Study

HLB Sheehan Quinn is an active member of HLB Ireland, a federation of the Irish firms of HLB International, a worldwide network of independent accounting firms and business advisers. HLB’s global member firms are well respected for responsive, timely and high-quality service. HLB Ireland currently has three member firms each dedicated to providing top-tier advisory services to clients looking to do business in Ireland and abroad. HLB Ireland currently has 8 specialist partners with 75 staff covering all areas of assurance, advisory, tax and insolvency.

HLB Ireland has progressed quickly to now rank as 15th in Finance Magazine’s accountancy table. Mark Butler, Managing Partner of HLB Sheehan Quinn also serves as Chairman of HLB Ireland and is a driver for leveraging off the increased capabilities offered by the network and Irish Federation.

The Requirement

As the company grew and expanded, HLB faced a number of challenges with meeting the growing demands of a large business. To get ahead in the industry, it’s important to stay at the forefront of innovation, so the challenge was finding how to increase productivity and employee satisfaction while moving our company to an environment that allows for flexibility, productivity and profitability.

The requirement for the HLB project was for them to be able to work without having to worry about the technology, for IT to align itself with business to achieve results.

The Challenge

Enterprise Solutions had a number of challenges when building the system, involving specialist accounting applications, as most are not designed with a shared desktop environment in mind, but overcoming these, we delivered a user experience that is consistent throughout the organisation.

File and application access outside of the office environment was a key factor in the HLB Sheehan Quinn project so ensuring that sensitive client information remained backed up and secure was a top priority of this project.

The Solution

With the help of Enterprise Solutions, HLB Sheehan Quinn became one of the first medium accountant practices (and perhaps the first) to move to a fully hosted desktop solution (DaaS).

By using the latest Citrix technology, company desktops are kept in the cloud and delivered through Citrix XenDesktop, providing a user experience that is secure, in sync, always available and compliant. A file share system was also setup to provide HLB with an easy and consistent sharing of files, while maintaining top grade security on the data stored in the Cloud.

Technology linked with good business strategy is core to the firm’s growth. HLB accountants can now interact with and manage customer accounts securely on-site, with a view to ensuring up to date information is available to allow best decision-making, on any device, any time, and in any location.

The Outcome

Enterprise Solutions enabled HLB’s mobile workforce to operate in a consistent and efficient way, no matter where or how they are accessing their data. Being available to clients at all times and ensuring a high level of service is at the very heart of how the firm delivers its business. Desktop virtualisation has enabled them to personalise desktops which can be provided anywhere, anytime and on any device, providing a better experience for its employees. Citrix XenDesktop is also helping to improve work life balance for the accountants at HLB Ireland. By partnering with Enterprise Solutions HLB benefits from:

  • A fully available hosted desktop, robust IT environment, accessible anytime and anywhere and on any device.
  • Enterprise grade system security and reliable backups of all data.
  • An easily scalable solution that allows company growth without excessive IT costs involved with taking on new staff.
  • With a single, predictable, per user, per month payment, HLB’s IT costs roll into one monthly subscription.

How does the customer feel?

“Our firm’s use of technology is instrumental to our growth so having a partner like Enterprise Solutions is key to the future of our business. The hosted desktop solution implemented by Enterprise Solutions has increased security, productivity and has made our business ready for the future. We now have access to our business applications, data and desktops anywhere, any time and on any device, with reliable 24/7 support.”

Mark Butler, Managing Partner HLB Sheehan Quinn