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Digital Workspace

A Digital Workspace strategy usually involves many elements, such as joining up functions, sharing data, processes and communications between operational and business units that are spread around different locations, there is a lot to consider.

It often includes a move from on premise infrastructure to the cloud while ensuring you can continue to deliver the existing (or equivalent) applications and services required for your business to preform and succeed. The result will be reduced complexity in day-to-day operations, but getting there can be daunting, Enterprise Solutions can help reduce this complexity.

Enterprise Solutions have the real-world experience required to identify the approach that’ll suit your business best. Your driver, to improve how your organisation operates and positively affect client and user experience, will remain forefront to the approach recommended. The result; a digital workstyle delivered to your business without total upheaval.

Realise the benefits of an agile workstyle/Digital Workspaces;

  • more open to change,
  • change more achievable
  • customisation possible.
  • Full productivity via flexible/mobile options for employees

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Hosted Desktop

When an Enterprise Solutions client out-sources a hosted desktop infrastructure (VDI) to us, they know that we will manage their complete IT environment and take full responsibility for all their data storage, backup, security and upgrades.

Our hosted desktop service is particularly popular with our small and mid-sized customers who find the benefits both cost and time efficient.

Because we use Citrix technology to power our hosted desktop we can deliver applications that are traditionally not ‘cloud-ready’. There’s also no more need for on-site servers and no local software left to manage – all you need to do is plug-in and pay on-demand.

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Cut your Carbon Footprint by 80%

Go green and avoid rising carbon taxes by switching now to ensure maximum savings, while remaining environmentally conscious.

Improve your Cashflow

Hosted Desktop removes costly, upfront investments and capital expenditure, and instead introduces a pay-as-you-go structure. With one predictable, per user payment, all of your IT costs roll into one simple monthly subscription.

Free Up your In-House IT Staff

Your entire IT infrastructure will be outsourced, reducing the size of your IT team or enabling them to work on projects within your business, rather than focusing on maintenance.

Available and Secure

We protect you and your business using 2048 bit encryption, enterprise-grade firewalls as well as the best anti-virus software. With a 99.99% server uptime and managed backups or your data, security and availability is guaranteed.

Shrink Your Energy Bill by 50%

No in-house servers, equipment efficiency, fewer machines and slimmer devices means your office is cutting energy costs daily. Cloud solutions reduce energy use by 30% for large companies and up to 90% for smaller organisations.


Hosted Desktops give an organisation the flexibility to add or remove users, storage and applications at a click of a button, allowing for an agile way of doing business, while paying only for what you need.

Costs of Disaster Recovery Eliminated

Natural disasters no longer impact your business as employees can resume work any time, on any device, from anywhere. Their data, desktops and settings all remain available on the cloud, ready to be accessed when needed.

Flexible, More Productive Staff

Your team can work anytime, from anywhere in the world, on any device with access to cloud apps and traditional business software. With staff being free from their desk, you can expect an increase in staff productivity and job satisfaction.

Benefits of Our Solutions

In our experience of working with, many and varied, SME’s we see that their IT requirements are intrinsically linked to their business requirements. These concern’s usually fall under the below categories.

Enterprise Solutions understand that our role as your IT MSP is to address these on your behalf and reduce management’s concern. With these 5 areas, foremost in our minds, we can ensure that IT enhances how your business address these needs, not hinders.

IT Security

Protection for internal and external threats.


Disaster recovery & business continuity solutions


Industry and regulatory requirements


Support remote access and flexible work styles


User productivity and future proofed back-end infrastructure.

What Our

“ To achieve our goal, Aer Lingus recognized that we needed to update our IT infrastructure, which began with an upgrade of our outdated desktop environments. We used this as an opportunity to ensure our employees could be truly mobile and able to deliver great customer service wherever they are located. As an organization with such a global reach, mobility is invaluable in helping us fulfil our strategy of ‘Smart Flies’.”

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“Enterprise Solutions proposed an offering that complemented our cloud transformation objectives and will provide business benefits to the company into the future. The scalability and flexibility of the solution deployed futureproofs our organisation as we continue to grow and service the global telecommunications industry”

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“ On one occasion, the broadband went down in the house so I simply transferred over to my iPad. Through the Citrix app on my iPad I was able to resume working as before. Business will continue to happen and deadlines will always have to be met, regardless of technology going down or not being able to get to an office. You need a way to continue to work as normal. That is what we have gained with Citrix provided by Enterprise Solutions”

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