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Enterprise Solutions Aer Lingus Citrix AwardAer Lingus Case Study

Enterprise Solutions Develops Global Award Winning System for Aer Lingus

Formed in 1936, Aer Lingus is the national flag carrier airline of Ireland. It is Ireland’s oldest and second largest extant airline, headquartered in Dublin Airport. The airline’s primary mission is to connect Ireland with the world and the world to Ireland by offering its customers the best product in the Irish airline market to customers at a competitive price. Aer Lingus operates a fleet of 47 modern Airbus aircraft and carries over 10.6 million passengers per annum on mainline and Regional franchise services.

The Requirement

Aer Lingus required an innovative IT solution that would put it ahead of the competition. The vision for the project was efficiency, security, and mobility for the employees; to move into the cloud, allowing for secure access to data and applications. The airline business is a highly competitive industry, in which security and precision are extremely important, and that is the area where Aer Lingus’ IT partner needed to deliver.

The Solution

Enterprise Solutions has designed and implemented a cutting edge new IT platform for Aer Lingus that allows employees to work securely from anywhere, anytime and on any device – including a fleet of 2,500 Apple iPads. The cloud-based system was designed and implemented by a dedicated team of Enterprise Solutions consultants over a period of 18 months. Using multiple solutions from Citrix, the global leader in virtualization, networking and mobility technology, Enterprise Solutions introduced a highly secure, mobile, user-friendly system to Aer Lingus that enables employees to achieve greater productivity through a more flexible approach to work.

  • Apple iPad based system delivers paperless cockpit and increased employee productivity & work flexibility
  • New system beats international competition to win Citrix Global Innovation Award
  • Same technology benefits available to small and medium companies, through Enterprise Solutions Hosted Desktop Solutions


The Outcome

The project was a huge success and was nominated for and has won the prestigious Citrix Global Innovation Award in Florida, beating off competition from around the world. It is the first time an Irish project has been nominated for, let alone won, the award.

The key benefits of the Enterprise Solutions designed Citrix Enterprise Mobility System for Aer Lingus include:

  • A paperless cockpit – Aer Lingus pilots now use 3G/4G enabled iPads to access flight plans and other sensitive data, effectively creating a secure, compliant, paperless cockpit. The impact on aircraft fuel costs, when taking into consideration the reduced take-off weight of an aircraft not carrying paper flight manuals over the course of a year, is significant.
  • Enhanced customer service – The airline relies on a large number of shift-working operations staff to keep the business running at all times. Employees – from cargo crew to customer service agents – can now easily and securely access their desktop from anywhere in the airport, at home or from any Aer Lingus office. Flexible access to information anytime, anywhere and from any device empowers Aer Lingus employees to deliver great customer care in all areas of the business, from baggage halls to the cockpit.
  • Reduced Support Costs – Adopting virtual desktops has enabled Aer Lingus to extend the life of existing PC hardware in many cases, and has reduced software support costs with centralized management, dissolving departmental silos and making information more accessible to relevant employees. The company has also deployed 2,500 Apple iPad tablets to various teams across the business, and has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy for employees.

How does the customer feel?

“To achieve our goal, Aer Lingus recognized that we needed to update our IT infrastructure, which began with an upgrade of our outdated desktop environments. We used this as an opportunity to ensure our employees could be truly mobile and able to deliver great customer service wherever they are located. As an organization with such a global reach, mobility is invaluable in helping us fulfill our strategy of ‘Smart Flies’.”
He added: “Enterprise Solutions are a long standing partner of Aer Lingus. They worked seamlessly with our IT team from the start to finish of the project and continue to provide an excellent service supporting our new Citrix Enterprise Mobility System.”

Derek Monahan, Director of IT Service Management, Aer Lingus