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6 Ways to Reduce the Risk of a Ransomware Attack

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6 Ways to Reduce the Risk of a Ransomware Attack

Ransomware is making news more and more frequently lately. It has gone from being a plot device in Hollywood spy films to being a real world corporate nightmare. These threats are real and companies face them on a daily basis, however there are means to which you can minimize and reduce those risks. Keeping your company and your private data safe and secure from ransomware attacks.

  1. Back up all your information to a secure and trusted off site location. This is one of the best methods of averting an attack on your private date. Also ensuring the data is segmented is a plus.
  2. Don’t place all your data in one folder (ensure data is segmented) and don’t make it accessible to everyone in the company. This increases your vulnerability to attack. Only grant access to data where applicable to each department, this will reduce the extent of data loss if there is an attack.
  3. Train your staff on the best cyber security practices. Ensuring they know not to open attachments or links from unknown or non trusted sources. Tip: do not open emails or files with a .EXE file extension, this is one of the most common methods of ransomware attacks.
  4. Ensure all your software and systems are up to date versions with the most recent patches. This includes your operating system and applications where applicable, the most up to date software should be more secure due to security patches.
  5. Perform a threat analysis with your security or IT team (alternatively look into communicating with vendors to aid this).
  6. Invest in a trusted anti-virus and data protection solution (an example of this is Heimdal Security Software), that can prevent an attack and minimize the fallout if one occurs.


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